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Invest in a stable portfolio of investment-grade
commercial real estate assets organized by
Service Academy veterans using our proprietary

due diligence process.

Guidon Fund is now closed for subscription.

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Stable Assets,
Stable Returns 

Track Record

Since 2015, we have consistently delivered our targeted annual dividend to investors.  We have never missed a quarterly payment or altered our target return.

Years in Operation


A proven track record of providing consistent cash flow and returns to investors since inception.  

Assets Under Management


We have 131 assets currently under management and are growing all the time. We have refined our search, acquisition, and management methodology in order to minimize risk and provide stable investments.

Distributions Made Since Inception


We have proudly made over $10MM in investor dividend yield payments since inception.  We have become a stable source of passive income for our investors.

Investors Served


Made up by fellow Academy Alumni, veterans, & industry leading professionals, we are proud to have so many brothers and sisters trust in our work and integrity.

How does it work?

At a basic level, we pull together capital from investors, acquire Target Assets, and pass the profits through to investors as an 8% preferred return.  We organize and manage a diversified portfolio which reduces the risk and hassle of buying real estate on your own.



Minimum Investment

Begin investing with as little as $10,000 and start earning your preferred return the day we receive your deposit and required subscription documents.

Begin Earning Returns Day One

8% Preferred Return

6% Annual Dividend

The Fund is continuously seeking and acquiring new properties as it raises capital, so you're able to invest and immediately earn returns. 

The Fund offers an 8% preferred return, broken out into a 6% annual Interim Yield paid quarterly and an additional 2% annual preferred return paid upon fund wrap-up and exit.


The 6% distribution can be taken quarterly, or reinvested into the Fund. Reinvested income compounds annually.

Exit Strategy

7 Year Hold

Consistent Cash Flow

You can track your investment along the way via your secure online investment portal and enjoy your cash dividend payments or see the power of compounding growth if you choose to re-invest your yield payments.


When we realize an exit event you will receive all of your original principal plus your accumulated preferred return. 

The Guidon Advantage 


We only acquire investment grade, net lease single-tenant properties with defensive qualities, which are most typically in the discount retail space, i.e. Dollar General.  These properties provide a high yield, low-volatility investment with consistent cash flow. 

Less Volatile


Guidon Fund

Lower Return



Higher Returns

More Volatile

Defensive Properties

The properties we acquire perform consistently in both up and down economic cycles.  They are non-correlated to the stock market and produce reliable cash flow.

Capital Preservation

Real Estate has long been known for capital preservation while also realizing a steady appreciation over time from rent increases and real property value increases.

Cash Flow

Net Lease real estate provides consistent, passive income.  We buy established properties with a stable, investment-grade tenant, to reduce turnover and risk of non-payment.

—  Mark Davison


“I have invested with Battle Monument Group for over two years now. Over that time, I have shifted the real estate portion of my investments from self-managed rental houses to these folks. Triple net retail is by no means sexy, but it is a solid component of my investment plan. The entire team brings years of experience and refined expertise to evaluate retail locations and buy good ones with a solid lease history and future potential. The three principals are all USMA ’89 grads, so they’re old and thus have that old people wisdom.”

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